Financial Planning

Documents needed to create a financial plan:

Documents needed to create a financial plan:

  • Cash accounts (savings, checking, CDs)
  • Investment accounts (401k, brokerage accounts)
  • Insurance products (annuities, life insurance)
  • Personal property (residence, real estate)
  • Tax returns (accurate income/tax bracket)
  • Debt (mortgage, credit cards, student loans)

Reasons to get a financial plan if you don't have one:

1. Planning will help you define your financial goals.

Most financial planners will begin your plan by asking you what your financial goals are. For couples, sometimes doing this exercise alone is enough to get the two partners on the same page.

2. Planning will help you see whether your goals are realistic for your timeline.

After taking a look at the goals, we look to see how you can get there — how much to save, what types of investments to make. We determine if  your goals realistic? Are they attainable? Many goals, such as saving for retirement, a mortgage or a child's college education and paying off debt, take years to accomplish.

3. Planning will allow you to measure your progress on your goals.

Once the plan is in place, you can set up measurable goals, such as regularly contributing a specific amount of money toward either savings or debt over a period of time.

4. Planning will help you find new ways to maximize your money.

Having an outside expert look at your financial picture might reveal opportunities to make or save money that you hadn’t thought of. Whether it be tax efficient investing or other missed opportunities such as a company matching 401k. There should be ways to increase your ability to save.

5. Planning will make you more confident with your money. 

According to CFP Board Survey, 52% of those with a plan feel "very confident" about managing money, savings and investments, while just 30% of those without do.

We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Build long-term relationships that establish trust and understanding.

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