Harvest Capital Assets is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm, founded initially in 2010. We partner award winning custodians TD Ameritrade, and work with leading software providers Orion and their proprietary financial planning software Advizr.

Our "DNA" is based on service and always doing the right thing. We invest alongside our clients, and as managing partner I can tell you I spend nearly all my daytime hours monitoring your investments.

Unlike other advisors, I believe every person should have access to financial advice and we maintain no minimum investment. We believe that children should have the ability to learn about investing early.

We leverage expensive research from the best and brightest, including Paul Hinkley (Bespoke Investing), Charlie Tian (Gurufocus), Brian Nelson (Valuentum) and John Murphy and Arthur Hill (Stock Charts) to find individual investment ideas. We also have access to research provided by Rueters Thomson, Morningstar and S&P. I work tirelessly on my client's behalf, using both fundamental and technical analysis to find opportunities.

Finally, I believe in stock selection. While mutual funds and exchange-traded funds can be part of a solution, the world remains a market of stocks and not a stock market. Individual stocks and bonds remain the least expensive way to invest, with the most flexibility and best tax consequences. Most advisers avoid them because of the added burden it places on their practice.

I would prefer my clients be able to open their statements, recognize and be proud of what they own, knowing why they own it and not be embarrassed to be associated with companies that promote unethical activities.

Together we can achieve our goals without being exposed to excessive risk or selling our souls


Managing Partner